Office Building  /  Interior Alterations - New York, New York


GKA Architects designed this 7,500 square foot, three-level office and retail project in Midtown Manhattan, which opened in 2016. The Client / Tenant, Plant Fantasies Inc ["PFI"], leased the ground floor retail space at 242 West 30th Street to replace its West 29th Street operation. PFI designs and builds award-winning terraces, green roofs, and urban gardens in New York City. The wide range of PFI daily operations activities called for a sophisticated space programming approach, including separate work areas for retail product display, executive offices, design department, and light assembly / installation crew. From the outset of the project during the initial site inspection, GKA helped PFI see the tremendous potential of the project, in particular given the spatial dynamic between the front and rear-facing mezzanine over the first floor. The realization of the initial concept from schematics through construction documents, permitting, bidding and construction of the 100 year old space has required the perseverance of all members of the team, including client, landlord, contractors, engineers, expeditor, and architect.

The front double-height retail area is used for display of trees and plants, as well as tree and plant staging. The executive offices and support workstations wrap around the conference room, and design department is located on the mezzanine in an open-floor plan arrangement with perimeter private offices. The unique mezzanine configuration overlooks both the front and rear portions of the main floor. The executive offices and conference room are located under the mezzanine on the main floor. The large cellar is used for production and light industrial purposes. The project also featured a redesigned and widened storefront, and brand new HVAC system.

MEP Engineering services are performed by ABS Engineers, and Structural Engineering is performed by B Cubed Engineering. The general contractor for the project is MID Developers for the Tenant, and tWorks for the Landlord.


Project Information

Location: 242 W 30th Street, New York, NY

Building Permit Jurisdiction(s): New York City DOB

Project Area [Building]: 7500 sf [95,000sf]

Occupancy: M [Mercantile], B [Business]

Construction Type: I-A

Cost: $750,000

Year Built: 2015-2016

Consultants: ABS Engineering [MEP], B Cubed Engineering [Structural], I&L Consulting [Expeditor]

Contractor: MID Developers, tWorks




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