Recording Studio - Brooklyn, New York


GKA Architects teamed up with acoustic designer Running Brook Design and MEP engineer ABS Engineering to design this purpose-built boutique recording studio for SongLoft Studios LLC in Brooklyn, New York.

The building, 231 Norman Avenue, is a large warehouse in the Greenpoint neighborhood that was converted to commercial condominiums in 2000.

The general contractor for the project is the award-winning Dennis Darcy Construction Group, which specializes in the construction of recording studios.


Project Information

Client/Owner: SongLoft Studios LLC

Location: 231 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Building Permit Jurisdiction(s): New York City DOB

Project Area [Building]: 700 sf [52,000sf]

Occupancy: M [Mercantile], B [Business]

Construction Type: I-A

Cost: $200,000

Year Built: 2015-2016

Consultants: Running Brook Design [Acoustic], ABS Engineering [MEP], I&L Consulting [Expeditor]




recording studio control room and voice over booth window.jpg
recording studio ceiling.jpg
recording studio control room and slot window to street.jpg
recording studio control room and mixing board.jpg
recording studio plan.jpg