Mixed-Use Building - New Construction - Brooklyn, New York


Greg Korn Architect designed this 9000sf retail/ residential building for 295 Broadway Realty Corp in Brooklyn, New York, which is has been approved by the DOB on 1/31/17.

The design includes a 1500sf ground floor retail space and separate ground floor residential lobby, and four stories of studio and two bedroom apartments (2-3 and 4-5 floors respectively). Also included are a common area residential roof deck, common area second floor rear residential terrace, elevator serving the residential units, and a cellar which includes storage for the retail space, residential bicycle storage, utility areas, and trash room. The building structure is a hybrid wide-flange steel and load bearing concrete masonry assembly, with metal deck floors and roof. The exterior of the building is clad in exterior brick masonry, channel glass block, and operable casement windows for the residential units.


Project Information

Client/Owner: 295 Broadway Realty Corp

Location: 170 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Building Permit Jurisdiction(s): New York City DOB

Project Area [Building]: 9,000 sf [9,000sf]

Occupancy: M [Mercantile], R [Residential]

Construction Type: III-A

Cost: $2,500,000 (Est)

Year Built: 2016-2017

Consultants: TWIG Engineering [MEP], B Cubed Engineering [Structural], K&K Property Solutions [Expeditor]

Contractor: Palm Construction